02 December 2011

Beauty Review Series: blinc mascara

October was my very first birchbox, which caused annoyance when the post office lost it for 3 weeks. The whole ordeal got me wondering if this subscription was even a good idea. I know, I know.. crazy thoughts. Luckily, those thoughts went away upon the arrival of it. The first day I used the blinc mascara, I knew a review was in order.

The first detail I would like to highlight is that it was made in Japan. Before even using the product, this gave me a wave of excitement. That is because the very popular mascara Fiberwig (I have yet to try it but admire all the same) also happens to hail from there. This factor gave me high hopes that blinc might also deliver on lengthening the lashes. It also brings about the concept of "tubing" your lashes. Now I will admit, I know nothing on the ingredients of the product on how this actually works but the results when applying can be seen. When applying I do notice a lack of clump, and it seems to dry rather quickly. It definitely gives a sense of closing around each lash.

My verdict is that I love this mascara. I will tell you why. For one, as I've already mentioned there's no clumping. When I apply in the morning before leaving for work, it's still intact when I arrive home upwards of 10pm at night. I've cried while wearing this, and have even had the odd moment that I'm so tired I forget I shouldn't be touching my face with makeup on and was there any smudging? Most certainly not.

Before using this mascara, I was using two in order to achieve what I wanted. I was using Rimmel Sexy Curves and Maybelline Blackest Black. The first was used for shape, and the latter for volume/length. I'm happy to say though that blinc does most of that for me, and due to this "tubing" technology, it isn't messy as mascara can sometime get. My only gripe? I wish it did a bit more for the shape of my lashes but that can easily be solved by using an eyelash curler. All that's left for me to do is get over my fear of them!

Any tips to share on using an eyelash curler? Feel free to leave it in the comments.
Also, for those interest in purchasing the blinc mascara can do so here.

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