02 December 2011

Friday Night Out: Work to Night

This Friday I wanted to create a look where, by just changing a few pieces, you can go from your day job to drinks with friends or a date night. I also took this opportunity to play with a coloured pencil skirt as it can really add vibrancy to an outfit.

Friday Night Out- Work to Evening

View the Polyvore details here.

On the left side we have our work ready pieces. For evening, all I would do is switch our top and sweater combination for a brighter colour blocking sweater in the purple. Add jewellery that stands out a bit more, a clutch and your transition is complete. Also, this late Fall/nearly early Winter has been rather warm but don't forget the pantyhose. Just throw on a black wool coat and out the door you go.

Happy Friday! Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

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