30 November 2011

Finding The Perfect Handbag

We're all looking for it. I myself have a narrowed down list of three that I'm looking into. I thought I should share in case it could help those of you also looking. You can read my earlier post on good silhouette's  for an everyday handbag here. As I am now out of school, I don't quite need the massive Longchamp I would lug my books around in (on the bad days, backpack would be on hand) on a daily basis anymore.

Here's what I'm looking for:

-Leather. My only leather bag is on the verge of falling apart on me after all the abuse I've put it through in the 5 years I have owned it. However, I find of all the bags I've owned (in all different materials), the leather one held up best. I just love a classic leather bag.

-On the medium to larger size. I don't see myself as a light packer on the day to day. I need a bag that will fit: wallet, the book I'm reading, day minder, small notebook, small makeup case, ipod, glasses, and a few other little things. Since I'm attempting to be a real working woman now, it would also be nice to fit a pair of flats in for when my pumps make my feet cry (although I'm proud to say I'm working up good tolerance on that one).

-I like when a bag has several compartments. The leather bag I mentioned earlier was definitely the one I grabbed for because of it. It had the main middle compartment and then two on the ends. As well, in the middle compartment it would have a few little compartments for the things that would disappear to the bottom otherwise (lip balm for one thing). This sort of design allows for more organisation which is so nice to have when you feel too busy to think about where in your cluster of items is your pen or house keys.

As I have mentioned already, I have narrowed down my search to three handbags. One of them I have been coveting for around three years, and the other two are fairly recent discoveries (within the last 6 months). Let's go through them as well as the pros/cons:

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton large tote
Details: 13"Hx14"Wx6 1/4"D, comes with either gold or silver hardware, contains a top handle and shoulder strap. Available in a wide variety of material and colours.

- I've been drooling over this bag for years now, so I know I love it.
- Leather quality has been checked out in person and it's very soft.
- I like how I have the option of carrying it either on my shoulder or on my arm. Most of the time I carry on my arm though, so it's not necessarily a game winner.
- It definitely has enough space to fit all my things and a pair of shoes in it.

- I'm worried if it's the type of leather bag that feels weighed down after adding things to it as it is a rather large size.
- I can't seem to decide if I prefer silver or gold hardware for it.
- I doubt it has much of different storage area's, so I'm worried about staying organised with this one. I used to have to clean out and re-work everything in my longchamp almost every night keep it organised, and I'm worried it's the same story for this.
-Sometimes I am not sure how I feel about the luggage tag and the MK lock detailing on the front.

2. Modalu Pippa grab
Details: 25Hx36Wx14D (cm) // 9.8Hx14Wx5.5D (in), has a double grab handle, three main zip sections, two zip sections in the front, feet on base, comes in five colours.

-It has compartments, and after CapitolHillStyle's review, I know this bag will keep me organised in a way that I'm ready to tackle the day.
- It has a more petite friendly size, so I know I'll be wearing the bag instead of it wearing me. This is very important.
- I know I'll be able to fit all my things in it.
-It has such a classic, no frills silhouette which I'm always a sucker for.

- It does not have a shoulder strap, which isn't a deal breaker but I occasionally like them.
-A few years ago I would've complained about the price as it's in British Pounds and the exchange rate was horrible if you were paying in U.S. dollars, but now that the ECB and Bank of England are joining Helicopter Ben in the printing press game my only real concern is shipping costs.
- I really can't find many cons. Nothing irks me about it.

3. J. Crew Biennial Satchel
Details: 11"Hx16"Wx7"D, pebbled leather, double handles. Comes in three colours.

- Like the Modalu, it has three compartments. That's always a plus.
- I've always been a pebble leather fan.
- It kind of reminds me of a doctor bag you see in old movies, and I like that because it makes me feel like I can be superwoman with this bag.
-The handles are large enough that I can wear as a shoulder bag also if I choose to.

- It's a little too simple on the detailing.
- I'm worried about how well it is in maintaining it's shape. For the price, I'm wondering if I should be getting a bit more.

All the bags fit my size requirement and will allow me to stay a level of organised. The Biennial will have to wait. This is because I love it in the red. The bright and bold colour makes up for it's lack of hardware detailing, and it's definitely something I will bookmark for the future. Everyone needs a bright statement bag but for now I'm looking to go with a basic black because it's the one bag every woman needs but I don't have. This brings me down to the Modalu Pippa and Michael Kors Hamilton. I have to say I would be happy to have either because at this point I feel like I have been coveting the Modalu just as long as the Hamilton even though I haven't. My final decision is the Modalu Pippa for the reason that I can't find anything about it which is making me feel indecisive. I love the Hamilton tote and will one day own it when I can decide how I feel about the front detailing and which hardware to get. Certainty is key to making a decision.

What do you think? What bag are you coveting right  now?

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