28 November 2011

Morning Inspirations: Cozy Monday's

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Have you ever had that weekend where when Monday arrives you just want to curl up in a ball? Well, that's exactly all I want to do this morning. Unfortunately, work is calling me as I write this. If that was not on my schedule today, this would be my outfit in a heartbeat:

Inspirations- Cozy Monday

I have to say I really love this set, really. It's simple but I just think it's so chic. It's been rather warm in the Northeast for this time of year, and with the right layers it's totally possible to skip the jacket. I'm loving the option of a shearling vest for those sort of days. It gives a level of warmth without the bulk. Between the vest and the pop of colour in the red bag, this outfit is far from boring. To boot, you know you'll be super cozy dressed in this. All things I want from an outfit.

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