21 November 2011

Morning Inspirations: Cozy Cobalt Blue Sweater

Happy Monday everyone! I sort of took a brief hiatus. It's partially to blame on my really slow computer that doesn't even want to load the polyvore website (or maybe there actually is an issue with the site). Hopefully I can get everything back to normal by the conclusion of this week's holiday weekend.

I know you're not the least bit surprised to see cobalt blue in the title anymore. I just can't get enough of it. Like I have said though, as the polyvore website is not currently working for me, I'm doing something different this week and posting an OOTD. I wore this to work recently on such a beautiful day.

Black Cascading Blazer- h&m in size 2 (this fall-may still be available in stores)
Cobalt Blue Sweater- Target in size small (old)
Long sleeve HeatTech- Uniqlo in sizeXS (review coming soon)
Slim Cropped Trouser- Gap in size 00r (here)
Nude Pump- Steve Madden (old)

This is a typical work outfit for me. I tend to wear trousers, a basic shoe, a blazer, and then layer on shirts under the blazer according to the days forecast. As we've been having oddly warm weather into this November, I'm taking the cropped trousers out for a spin as much as I can before winter is here permanently.

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