31 August 2011

Shopping Haul: H&M and Ann Taylor

**Ann Taylor is currently offering FREE Shipping on anything!!**

This past weekend Ann Taylor had their '40% off a full-priced item' sale. I took the opportunity to pick up the very coveted Refined Chambray Shirt (buy here) as it has been on my wishlist all Summer. So many of the petite blogs I read picked up the original AT from the Spring, so I was very happy when they came out with this version.

On  a recent shopping trip to H&M, I caved and purchased the striped sweater that I mentioned in the recent Fall Trends post (read here). It's got a very boxy sort of cut but it's a great casual sweater.

Examining the sweater in person, I was worried it would be a little itchy on but it totally passed the test and there was no problem. I see it with a button down, in particular the AT Chambray shirt mentioned above, and maybe a pair of shorts or skinny jeans depending on how far into Fall we are. I have a few outfit idea's that I hope to share with you in the near future :)

Another thing I had my eye on was a slouchy sweater in the same colours above except the black stripe is navy on the one below. I love the idea of a slouchy sweater. This I think speaks for itself though. I found it ill-fitting and resembling a tent on me.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a great day!

Did any of you indulge in the Ann Taylor 40% sale?

Fall Trends: Back to Prep School

The releasing of Fall collections and September magazine issues is undoubtedly one of the highlights to my Summer. As someone who was born and raised in New York, I love having seasons. I won't lie though, by mid-June I am more then ready for the toned down weather of late August-early September. In terms of dressing, I always have the most fun in the Fall. It's that unique season where with the right pairing you could wear Summer clothes right up to October.

After scouring the pages of September's InStyle, I have a healthy list of things I am craving for my favourite shopping season. One trend that was very apparent is a very Prep School look. This is a look I do not like to indulge too heavily in as I look very young for my age, and this style is not exactly a help. Luckily, there are several aspects of the trend that, when styled correctly, won't make me look like a 12 year old.

Here are a few things from this trend I'm looking to invest in:

A horisontal striped sweater over a collared button-down.

They're from H&M and Banana Republic, respectively.
I love the idea of this, which isn't new but so many comfortable looking sweaters are popping up I am determined to give it a chic and sexy spin. I have quite a few outfit pairings in mind for this combo, I think we're going to have to do a whole separate post on that :)

Since the purchase of a great blazer in May, I have gone blazer crazy. As any petite will know, it's a task finding one's that you like and also fit. I have had my eye on this little baby for weeks after spotting it at Zara:

It's a navy blazer with red stitch detailing, and in person it appears to have a cropped length. I have yet to try it on because of the price tag. Let's hope it delivers when I finally take the plunge. You can find it on their website here. I love blazer's because they're a great transitional piece. You can throw it on during the Summer on a chilly night, or use it as a jacket as Fall weather becomes more apparent. It's also appropriate for every work environment. Overall, a great investment.

What are some of your Fall must haves?

30 August 2011


It's because I'm little, just a little.

My name is Melinda and at 5'2", I'm just a little petite, and have a silly sense of humor. I am obsessed with putting together the perfect outfit everyday to the point where it has made me late to work on occasion. I like to call it dedication. I'm also in a weird sizing area where I can shop in both the women's and kids department. As a woman in her mid-twenties, it all sounds so amazing until you realize you're either swimming in your clothes or look like a 9 year old who hasn't hit puberty yet.

Anywho. After a longstanding obsession with amazing blogs like Extra Petite, Alterations Needed, and Capitol Hill Style, I couldn't resist jumping in on all of their fun. I strive for productive content because I don't know about the rest of you but, there are only so many outfit posts I can look at in a row. I'm a women of many interests, and while this will mainly focus on one, that doesn't mean I can control the odd unrelated post. It's because I lack self control. Obviously.

Whatever brought you here, I hope it brings you back and that you enjoy reading!

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