01 September 2011

Gap Weekend Sales: Trousers and things

Through Extra Petite, I found out about the Trouser/Jeans sale at the Gap last weekend. Being a recent college graduate with NO professional wardrobe (ill-fitting items do not count) I decided to take this opportunity to see if I could find my ideal pair of trousers. That being said, my ideal pair includes: a slim leg, and hits at the ankles. Being petite, even when you find a regular boot cut trouser that fits, you run into the problem of excess fabric dragging on the ground.

As I knew exactly what I wanted upon entering the Gap, I made a bee-line right for them and then just skimmed the Fall arrivals quick to see if anything else caught my eye. I was also interested in trying on the Gap Legging Jean after reading this ExtraPetite post.

Gap Slim Cropped Trouser in black 00R (buy)

Here's the part where I extend an apology for my socks. It was raining that day, so not cute footwear. These photo's aren't the best of quality but you can pretty much see they fit perfectly. It's also good to mention they're a 00R, NOT 00P. This Gap didn't carry Petites, that I could find anyway, so I gave regular sizing a shot. These are probably supposed to end just at the lower calf or right below it but for my purposes, regular sizing turned out great.

Gap 1969 Legging Jean in brilliant blue 24/00 (buy)
It turns out I don't have any fitting room photo's of these. If you look earlier in the post you'll see that I have linked to Extra Petites post about them. I will give a mini review though. I loved the colour. I love blue, it's so vibrant and bright.  It's easily my favourite colour to wear when I feel like dressing a little funky. I also loved that these jeans were actually fitted. Most of the time, I have to shrink my jeans in the dryer several times before they're adequate. The one thing I did not like was the fabric, it felt thin and lacked support. It reminded me of these jeans all the kids wore when I was 13. They just don't lift, and they certainly don't add structure. That's something I need in a pair of jeans, so I passed on this find.

Gap Raw-edge layered T in XS (buy)

This top was so cute in person. It's very simple but I love the detailing. It fit loosely, but that was intentional. The only reason it did not go home with me is because, even in an XS, the sleeves had too much of a gap for me. It wasn't huge, but I find that I am really particular about that. If you're not too picky about it or have a longer torso, then I think this is a great basic t-shirt to add to your wardrobe. I can see it being formalised for work or with jeans for weekend errands. Goodness, writing this makes me want to just forget my picky ways and buy it. :)

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!


  1. I love the top! I'm going to have to stop by GAP!

  2. I loved the first trouser jeans "Gap Slim Cropped Trouser in black 00R (buy)". A tailor is your best friend girl! I find that the fit in the waist/butt/hip area is more important than the length. I'd rather invest in a pair of pants that fit in those areas rather than length. Even if you don't hem those it looks great in the length shown.