08 September 2011

Slim Picks: Ann Taylor Refined Chambray Shirt

I did not make it a secret that I love this shirt in a previous post. Well, it finally arrived and....... it needs work. It REALLY needs some slimming (what I get for ordering a 2P?). I am honestly okay with paying the costs. However, due to the fact that I am trying to spend my money on quality and versatile pieces, I would like your opinion. Also feel free to inform me if I am missing an alteration or two that needs to be done besides slimming..

Sorry this is a random, short, and a not very productive post. I promise I have several in the works for the near future :)


  1. If you slim it down it will work. Have you tried wearing it with high waisted skirts in the meantime?

  2. Yep! It was bulky though because of all that excess fabric going on. What's your overall opinion on the shirt?

  3. Even if you do alter it for $20 it is still going to be loose on the arms. I am assuming your taking it in on the sides? I say return it. You can probably find a similar shirt but a different cut or brand