14 October 2011

The Big Debate: Ann Taylor Ribbed 3/4 Sleeve Pullover

My quest for a cozy sweater similar to that featured in my midweek treats post from Wednesday led me to this sweater from Ann Taylor. Online it looks very comfy and still very chic on the models. It's just a simple sweater but I like how the buttons on the sleeves give it just a spark of interest.

Luckily, I was able to snag in during Ann Taylor's 40% off sale. I actually originally got so bummed because when I went to order it online, only a size large was left in the colour I wanted! A visit to my local store led me to discover it in a XSP, not my usual XXSP (which is usually preferable) but due to the cropped length of the sweater I was looking to size up any how.

I really like the sweater. When wearing it, I feel like I have a blanket on but it doesn't look like one when my skinny jeans are paired with it. Now though, I need your help. Is this a return or a keeper?

Keep in mind the following:

1. The sleeves are bulky which means it's not cardigan or blazer friendly. (I'm very sad about the blazer part because every outfit in my head of this sweater included one).

2. I'm always skeptical about how a sweater like this would work when Winter weather comes along. What are some problem solving options?

Also, I apologise for the slightly blurry photo's and the mess in the background. The only room in the house with a mirror acts as a storage room.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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