26 October 2011

Midweek Treats: Dogs with Glasses

Every once in a while I feel obliged to let my inner 8 year old make decisions, and it really wants this shirt. However, in reality, 23 year old Melinda will never wear it or wear it once and then banish it to sleep wear land. That doesn't mean I can't still let my inner 8 year old look at it here and say/think how cute it is over and over again every once in a while ;) In all honesty though, some people like wearing graphic t-shirts and while I tend to stay away from them, this one is VERY hard to resist. The dog with glasses gets me every time.

Do twenty-somethings expect too much from their jobs? sigh.
Designer discount collaboration's and whether they do damage.

Six ways never to get lost in a city again. I'm printing several copies. Right. Now. (You know, for back up in case I lose one). This article will stay in my handbag always.

I found this interesting op-ed late last week about eating healthy and why politicians can't make you shed weight.

Only one post today. Things are a bit hectic prepping for this weekend (more on that later). There are two posts on Friday to look forward to though ;)

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