28 October 2011

Packing for A Weekend Away

Hope every one's Friday has been going well. As I am travelling this weekend I thought it would be fun to do posts related to it since I try to make posts based on what I am actually shopping for, doing, etc. for those that may be doing the same. On that note, it seems many are or have travelling on the brain this week as well. You can see how Extra Petite (one of my faves!) packed less than two handfuls of pieces into a week long trip here. I initially wanted to share with you my strategy for packing light since as I've gotten older I've realised how ridiculous it is to travel with your whole closet. Capitol Hill Style beat me to it with this post, which made me feel over packed to the point where I threw out my list (yes, I make those) and started over.

So, I've decided, today I am going to talk about the art of packing for a weekend.... in a pretty small duffel bag. You see I love suitcases but they clonk, and aren't fun to roll and carry through the streets in my 30 minute walk home from the metro. I also find it's easier to maneuver bags while amongst large crowds of people. My only complaint is the tired shoulders at the end of the day. Since I love making lists (really, I do. For everything.), Here is everything I'd recommend you'd need and why for a weekend away:

1. A Jacket. You only need one. I recommend bringing a nicer one (think one you would wear to work) because it has more variety than, say, a casual bomber jacket. For this time of the year, I'm thinking of a trench or a thin wool coat anywhere from hip length to the bottom of the thighs.

2. One pair of Jeans. Once you see the rest of this list, I think it'll be clear why only one pair is necessary. In case not, one normally wears a pair on several occasion's before washing anyway.

3. 2-3 tops and a dress. For instance, I have 3 tops and a sweater dress packed. When going away for 3-5 days, that really should be enough. Unless it's the Summer season, you can wear them more than once. A dress is good to bring because you can transition it from day to night almost seamlessly in just about every case. Also note that, with dresses, tights are involved without saying unless you plan on wearing a bare leg and you can totally do that. I recommend tights being brought along just in case.

4. An extra outfit. I would make it a skirt and top combination simply because skirts generally take up less room than pants. I think it's always good to have one extra to account for any damage (such as stains) done to other pieces of clothing that you brought. As an example, I went away for the weekend one year to visit my brother who was playing baseball out in the Midwest. To get to the point, I brought just enough clothes and one of my shirts got ketchup on it at lunch (I don't like ketchup so no, it wasn't an act of slobbery by myself). Instead of just grabbing an extra shirt, I had to wash it so that I would have a shirt to wear on my last day of the trip. Now, I am all for laundry on a trip extending to a week or more but it's not really necessary (and a tad expensive) for a trip lasting 56 or so hours.

5. No more than 3 pairs of shoes. All you need is your casual day and an evening shoe. You should try to coordinate your outfits in a way that they could all match with the shoes you bring. I say bring a third for those sort of trips that may involve something different, like if it will include hiking you will need to pack the appropriate footwear.

6. Two handbags. All you need is a carry all sort of bag for the journey (and other occasion's during the trip where it's appropriate) and a cross body bag. I like to bring one of my nicer one's when I go away for the weekend because I can usual it for a casual day out and transition it easily into a night look. Note: Come back Monday for more on this.

7. Accessories. I recommend keeping it light. For jewelry, I would say one pair of earrings and for the rest count in two's. If you can count in one's, even better. Now that we're full force into Fall, I also recommend bringing a scarf and a hat (if that's your thing).

I hope everyone found this at least a bit informative. I meant to post picture's but of course, major procrastinating happened and there was no time to upload them. If you check out the post's I linked to, combined they create a great resource. Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy the weekend!

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