24 October 2011

Outerwear: Debating the J. Crew Metro Coat

The start of Fall chilly weather always sends me into a frenzy about prepping for the winter months. If you were to look in my closet it consists of mostly thin Spring/Summer tops or really thick warm sweaters. I haven't seemed to learn the happy medium. We can talk more about that in another post though. To get back to the point, this is when I start dreaming about my next Winter coat investment.

My current collection consists of a puffer (and the only one I've discovered that actually looks pretty chic-thank you Zara), a cropped wool jacket in black, and a longer, almost knee length wool coat in a beautiful shade of red. For the last two years I have mostly been considering adding a J Crew piece to this collection for several reasons:

1. I like what I hear about the quality of their brand. For the most part, their items sound like they possess the quality to last seasons.

2. They offer thinsulate in many (not sure about all) of their coats. It is a great option to keep extra warm when the Winter temperatures turn abysmal.

After scouring the site for several hours, I am keeping my eyes firmly on their metro coat. I love the classic silhouette, it has the thinsulate option, and -fingers crossed- it appears to be cut in a way that will define the waist sans a waist detail such as a belt. Now that I found a coat I am VERY interested in, it's time to narrow down a colour. I'm in drooling fashion love with the 'majestic purple' that appears cobalt blue in the website pictures but I wonder if I should go with a more neutral or classic colour, given I already own a red wool coat. My neutral picks are the warm grey and the heather camel.

So, now my question is.... What do you think? Also, feel free to inform me if I am not the only one who has been dreaming of their next winter coat since September. (Yes, that was read correctly... September).

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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