07 October 2011

Friday Night Out

Happy Friday everyone! Whether you're having a girls night or going to dinner with the boy, I think the following outfit would be great for either occasion.

Friday Night Out- Burgundy Sweater Dress

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Maybe it's because I feel like this rapid change in temperature is making me sick but I'm really craving all things cozy this last week. I love the versatility of sweater dresses. They're super comfy, and when they're styled correctly, they can look incredibly chic.

I chose burgundy for the dress because it's  a warm fall hue and it happens to be a colour I just can't get enough of right now. I chose leggings for this because they're a bit thicker than tights and I don't think there's anythings wrong with a nice outfit being as comfy as your favourite pajama's :) Besides, as long as the dress covers the bottom, there is no need to worry about the unflattering aspects of actually wearing leggings.

The black boot was chosen for elongating purposes in pairing with the black leggings. I decided on the metallic leopard belt because it adds a little spice to a very simple outfit. I've added a grey scarf  and a simple earring to just complement the beautiful colour of the sweater dress and the khaki cropped trench. I added a lighter jacket because even though we're several weeks into Fall, it's a convenient way to brighten up an outfit without looking like you're stuck in the summer.

End the outfit with an over sized clutch, and you look chic enough for almost every activity I can think of doing on a Friday night.

As a way to recover from an awesome Friday night out, retail therapy is the best medicine:

Ann Taylor is having their 40% off sale again. H&M is also offering 25% off one item (print coupon here).

Thank you Columbus. Have a great weekend!

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