03 October 2011

Morning Inspiration: Polka Dots

Sadly, polka dots are not currently in my wardrobe. Maybe this post will be the kick I need to make it happen. That however does not stop that I woke this morning dreaming of polka dots. I've created two outfits, one for work (because that is where I'm running off to at the conclusion of this) and one for everyday wear whether it includes running errands or brunch.

For Work- Inspired by Polka Dots

Casual Inspired- Polka Dots

You can find the Polyvore details here and here, respectively. I don't know about you but I'm loving that casual grey sweater. It has great detailing and it looks comfy to boot. Thank you for reading and have a great Monday!


  1. I love polka dots! That grey sweater is great but I love that blazer. Does it say H&M for only $30?

  2. Yep! I own the blazer. It's really cute and looks great paired with so many things.

  3. omg I love the orange bag but I can't afford it! :(