19 October 2011

Fitting Room: H&M

I popped into H&M the other day on the way to work to work on my search for cozy sweaters a bit more. They seemed to have got some new things in so if you haven't gone in a while I would check it out, there were some very cute things. I forced my self to think of nothing but sweaters as I have a bank account to keep in check (sigh), so no pictures of variety but I did want to share what I did find.

Not exactly a sweater but it has sleeves, long one's at that. It's something my wardrobe is lacking. I have short sleeves galore. It has a simple basic fit, and I always like a cowl neck. I picked this up for $13 (I think).

This sweater is in that popular cut with the wing effect sort of thing going on. I believe extra petite referred to them as 'batman sleeves'. Either way I'm a fan but every other option I tried until this one just looked ridiculous and huge. You may find black boring, but I like the idea of a black sweater to pair with more colourful accessories. The fabric on this one felt nice too. I picked it up for $20.

This sweater was a huge disappointment. The colour was this great shade of orange and I was happy with the fit. However, I wouldn't dare wear it without some sort of blouse underneath because oh my is it itchy. I didn't just want this sweater to layer over other tops though so I just passed on it. Too bad....

Do I have to say anything? I found it highly amusing that they were pushing this on the display table directly in front of the entrance. They really must want people to buy it. Mind you, this is an XS. Yes, an XS. It sort of resembles a snuggy to me. No thank you. The sleeves went three inches past my finger tips (and I have long arms, and usually have to size up in sleeved tops over it) and, as you can see, hit at the knee's.

It also had elbow pads which is a neat little detail. What's not so great is the top of the elbow pad started where the lower portion should be on my elbow. In case you weren't able to guess, this was a pass (ha).

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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  1. lol at the snuggie. I like the first sweater and the orange one.