21 October 2011

Friday Night IN

***Note: Due to a looming cold and a packed weekend, there will only be one post today. We will be back to my desired two posts per posting day on Monday. Hope you all take advantage of the Ann Taylor 40% and J Crew 25% (off $150 or more) this weekend! ;)

We all need those every once in a while. The work week or endless hours at school (for those in it) can be tiring, and it's nice to unwind alone sometimes. Besides, staying in on a Friday enables a Saturday night out. This does not mean I will be posting on Saturday though. ANYWAY ANYWAY ANYWAY. Sorry, had to stop myself with caps before I get complete off subject.

For this mornings pleasure I though I would share all those things I like to indulge in during the Fall when cozying up at home:

1. Hot Chocolate. It just tastes so good, and I tend to get cold easily so even a slight adjustment upward on the heater doesn't fully do the trick

2. A good book. I've always been a bit of a book worm. My mother used to be in awe (yeah, not her words) to see me reading multiple books at once instead of one at a time like normal people. Some books I have recently enjoyed are: One Day, The Road to Serfdom, Mukiwa, Colossus.

3. HBO On Demand. Thank you Time Warner Cable. Although, I am still convinced Optimum had better variety. Okay, okay. Both providers did good.

4. An outfit resembling this:
Friday Night IN (take one)

I just want to point out I never in my life considered paying more than $10 for leggings. They are lycra/cotton/whatever after all. They just stretch. Then entered Topshop leggings to my life while in the fitting room one day just to try on an item that I wanted to wear with leggings instead of the jeans I had on. Long debate in the fitting room later, I left with the leggings. This was two years ago, and they're still soooo soft.

Yes, you do see a zebra sock. No, I don't own them. Yes, I wish I did. Why? I have a hard time saying no to zebra's (unless it's tacky looking). I mainly chose these because their chenille which, in case you're not aware, is heaven for the feet. Also, as long as you're not walking around in public with these socks visible, why not indulge in them at home where no one can see you. It all works out.

What do you like to indulge in when spending the night IN?

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